Thursday, 27 February 2014

Homework 28-2-14(作业-二月二十八日)

Hi everyone,
This post is very important. Please read it till the end. There are no homeworks today. However, we will need to organise our Chinese PT group.

I have added a link to a spreadsheet here. Please write your group members in the same group. To avoid confusion, please make sure everyone in the group knows who they are in. You should discuss this with your group members before adding them into your group. Please do not edit the spreadsheet unnecessarily. Thank you.

Also, good luck for your Chinese Level Test tomorrow. Do take a look at the worksheet 胡老师 gave us in the morning. Do your best!


以下是一个网页,它会把你带到一个 spreadsheet。请大家在 spreadsheet 里放进你们的组员。为了避免不必要的混乱,请大家确定你们的组员都知道他们的组。你们应该事先讨论好,然后才去 spreadsheet。请不要乱改 spreadsheet 的内容。谢谢。


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