Monday, 24 February 2014

Homework for 24/2/14(作业-二月二十四日)

Hi everyone,
Please remember to hand in your 习字 for 第五课:爱国少年 and the 心情描写 worksheet Wednesday to me or 胡老师. Also, I have created a new spreadsheet to record everyone's mark. Due to privacy matters, I will not make it public and only share it with 胡老师. I hope everyone understands. Please check your marks with 胡老师 if you think there is any mistake. 

Also, may these people: Kkray Ray (Ravern), Alicia Lim (Alicia),Sihui Ling (Si Hui), Gloria Ng (Gloria), Jazzlyn Ng and Rachel Tan (Rachel)please tell me your spelling marks? If you do not want it to be known, please tell me through chat or private message.

Thank you.

请大家记得在星期三交上第五课:爱国少年的习字以及心情描写的作业。还有,我制造了一个新的 spreadsheet 来记录大家的分数。为了隐私方面的顾虑,这个 spreadsheet 只有我和胡老师能

还有,请以下的同学告诉我你们的听写分数:Kkray Ray (高赞康),Alicia Lim (林慧贤),Sihui Ling (林思慧),
紫晴,Gloria Ng (黄嘉慧) 和 Rachel Tan (陈慧洳)。如果你们不想让人家知道你们的分数的话,请私底下通过 facebook chat 或 private message 告诉我。


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  1. Opps I forgot to write down Zi QIng(吴紫晴) Can you please tell you your spelling mark? Thank you!