Thursday, 13 March 2014

Homework 13-3-14(作业-三月十三日)

Hi everyone,
Please remember to do the Quizlet worksheet, the 词语搭配 worksheet and the worksheet for the 开头与结尾by tomorrow and hand them to me or 胡老师. 

Please check for homework that you have not hand in yet too. From now on, people with 2 or more homework not handed in will be marked in red. The link to the spreadsheet will be below. Thank you.

请大家记得在明天交上词语搭配作业,Quizlet 作业以及开头与结尾练习。请把它们交给我或胡老师。

请大家记得交上未交的功课。从现在开始,欠两个或多过两个功课的同学们的名字会是红色的。请看以下的网页,它会把你带到功课记录的 spreadsheet。谢谢。

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