Friday, 11 April 2014

Homework 11-4-14(作业四月十一日)

Hi everyone,
I haven't update all the new homework submitted today. That is because I did not have enough time to update all of them in Chinese class due to the massive amount of homework submitted today. 胡老师 will update them instead. I have updated all the other homework submitted before today.
I am very angry with a lot of you submitting your long due homeworks only because 胡老师 will ask you to stay back. From now onwards, anyone that hand out their late homeworks only on the day 胡老师 will be asking you all to stay back will not have their late homeworks updated. No excuses. You will personally submit it to 胡老师 or stay back. Whatever you do, I will not update it.
This is not open for discussion. I honour my words, and I will make sure you stay back to complete homework you have already done but submit on the last day.
大家可能有发现有一些功课还没有 update 好新的功课。这是因为我没有足够的时间来在课室里 update 好堆积如山的功课。胡老师会代替我 update 还没有 update 好的功课。至于不是今天交的功课,我已经 update 好它们了。
对于许多学生在胡老师要你们留下来时才交上许多迟交的功课的行为,让我感到十分生气。从现在开始,凡是这样做的学生,我不会 update 你们迟交的功课,没有例外。你只能亲自把迟交的功课交给胡老师,或者留下来。即使你做了其中一件事,我还是不会 update 你迟交的功课。


  1. 谢谢健清。
    上周周五仍未完成功课的同学并没有参加母语双周的纸扇制作(Fan making)+面具制作(Mask Making) workshop,请在下周二参加至少一项活动。否则拜四(T2W4 Thu.)需要将需要留下来参加supvised study。

  2. except 可欣,可欣自觉地参加了面具制作(Mask making)workshop,其他同学根本没有现身!