Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Homework 1-7-14(作业-七月一日二零一四)

Hi everyone,
-Topic 5: Recycling (13th lesson: humanity's worst invention) (to be done and checked in class tomorrow)
-Idioms test 1 (by this week)
-Idioms test 2 (by this week)
-Secondary 2 Higher Chinese: narrative composition 2 (by this week)
-Worksheet for 水晶包 (by this week)
-Workbook Homework 4 (by this week)
Please remember to bring your 2B textbook from tomorrow onwards. Do take note that I have added a new sheet in the Higher Chinese Homework Tracking spreadsheet for term 3. Please check your homework record that is being updated from now onwards there. Thank you.
从明天起,请大家记得带2B的课本。请大家注意,我在原来的 Higher Chinese Homework Tracking spreadsheet 下加上了一个新的 sheet。 从现在起,如果你们要检查你们的功课记录,请在新的 sheet 里检查。谢谢。

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