Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Notice 29-7-14(通知-二零一四年七月二十九日)

Hi everyone,

I have updated everyone's marks for the 作文(二)and the 说明文:青少年疏解压力的方法。However, I have not received the marks from 胡老师 for these people:

-Seraphina Chia Pei Ying (Seraphina Chia)
-Yan Pei Ling (Pei Ling)

Also, you will need to copy a 范文 provided by 胡老师 if you have 45 and lower. The people who have 45 and lower are:
-Low Huixin Victoria (Victoria Low)
-Yew Chin Ning (Yew Chin Ning)
-Bryan Chang Ding Lun (Bryan Chang)
-Koh Li Zhi, Walter (Walter Koh)
-Sim Hng Anh (Sim Hng Anh)
-Tan Nian Guan, Colin

Thank you.



-谢沛莹(Seraphina Chia)
-甄佩铃(Pei Ling)

-刘惠欣(Victoria Low)
-饶晋宁(Yew Chin Ning)
-曾鼎伦(Bryan Chang)
-许立志(Walter Koh)
-沈轩安(Sim Hng Anh)


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