Sunday, 24 August 2014

议论文单元 词语链接第十九课、人生是一种储蓄-flash-cards第二十课、谈交友-flash-cards/第二十一课、远亲不如近邻-flash-cards/

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Homework+annoucement 14-8-14(作业+通知-二零一四年八月十四日)

Hi everyone,

-Argumentative essay
 for 储蓄人生 (hand all 3 worksheets together) (by tomorrow)

Please hand in your homeworks on time. A lot of you still owe homeworks.
People who still owe 2 or more homeworks:
-Low Huixin Victoria (Victoria Low)
-Yew Chin Ning
-Chee Jer En (Chee Jer En)
-Koh Chang Hong Ravern (Kkray Ray)
-Koh Li Zhi, Walter (Walter Koh)
-Tan Nian Guan, Colin
-Yong Qing Yuan, Kevyn (Kevyn Yong)

Victoria, you are supposed to copy a passage from the Textbook and hand it to 胡老师 as you did not bring your textbook. It's been long due and please hand it up to her as quickly as possible.

Please tell me if I have made a mistake in the spreadsheet. For the people mentioned above, please submit your homework as quickly as possible. Note that I will not collect any late homework that is given to me right before the term ends. You will have to give them to 胡老师 yourself.Thank you.


-议论文(L19 储蓄人生)(把它们三个一起交上来)



如果我在 spreadsheet 里搞错了功课记录,请你们告诉我。以上提到的人请尽快交上你们的功课。我不会收在这个学期结束前才交的功课。你们需要自己把它们交给胡老师。谢谢。

Friday, 1 August 2014

Homework 1-8-14(作业-二零一四年八月一日)

Hi everyone,

-Email 5 (the one related to the elderly, write on paper) 
-Email 6 (write in the spreadsheet we worked on in class)

Please start a new page in the spreadsheet and post your answers for email 6 there. Link to the spreadsheet:
Also, for people that need to copy the 范文, please do so. Thank you.


-电邮六(把答案写在课室里用的 spreadsheet 里)

请在 spreadsheet 里在加一个新的页面,并把你们的答案写在里面。Spreadsheet 的网页: